Garden #1 - the Driveway Garden April 2011

Several years ago, Denise and her husband Ken, did the unexpected in our car-centred world - they got rid of their car, now using bike and bus for transport, and dug up part of their driveway to install raised beds for a vegetable garden.

Denise's Driveway

Two 4ft X 8 ft boxes. Closer box contains Fava beans planted seed in October, ready to eat in June.

The driveway has a southern exposure. Together with the reflected heat from the house, this is a great growing spot. Her driveway garden consists of three raised beds,two are 8 ft by 4ft by 1ft deep and one is 5ft by 3ft by 1ft, and two tubs. She also has a small unheated greenhouse for starting seeds.

Denise's Driveway

3ft X 5ft Box - Purple Sprouting Winter Broccoli, Shallots planted in September

These photos are taken in early April so the lushness of growth indicates a winter garden. Denise's boxes are full of winter vegetables, most planted from seed in September or October of 2010.

Denise's Driveway Denise's Driveway

These winter plantings definitely give me ideas for our garden this fall.

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