Garden #2 - the Backyard Raised-Bed Garden - April 2011

Ruth and her daughter Heloise have a backyard that combines a vegetable garden with a perennial garden and a variety of fruit trees and bushes. The yard has full sun through most of the day.

Raised beds are circled by cement blocks. The opening in the blocks provides a cool spot for growing peas and other climbing vegetables.

Composite yard Mason bee Condo

Mason Bee condo

The mason bee house ensures the blue orchard mason bees are at work pollinating the garden. Mason Bees are great early pollinators for fruit trees and other plants that flower before other insects are active.

Lapin Cherry

Raised Beds, Lapin Cherry just starting to leaf

Bay Tree

Bay tree

This garden has a huge variety of fruits trees and bushes: a lapin cherry tree, a plum tree, 2 varieties of raspberry bushes, strawberries, blueberries, marionberries, red, black and white currants. Some of the vegetables grown are kale, peas, fava beans, leeks, artichokes, rhubarb plus many herbs.

A major eating experience by mid-summer!

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