Garden #3 - Cutting Flower Garden April 2011

Carole has a sizable vegetable garden and a massive grape vine but in her garden flowers rule. By early summer, the bees are humming and the flowers are jam packed.

Carole's compost

Lots of compost goes into this garden

Carole's tall flower bed

Tall Flower bed - ligularia, delphinum, buddleia, flox, thalictrum, lilies and more

Vines and Roses

Rambling roses, honeysuckle, jasmine, hydrangea grow on back fence

By early summer, the back fence is no longer visible. Delphiniums grow to be 6 feet high and the sunflowers are a forest. Carole cuts many bouquets over the course of a summer, often providing all the flowers for a wedding, without any signs that flowers have been cut.

Grape vine

30 year old Grape vine

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