SJNA Board 2020/21

  • Matt Dell - President
  • Murray Gudmundson - Vice-President
  • Dave White - Treasurer
  • Charlene Antinuk - Secretary/Director
  • Tomas Lang - Secretary/Director
  • Tony Cheong - Director
  • Erin Renwick - Director
  • Molly Sullivan - Director
  • Susan Wetmore - Director

  • Contact the board by email.

    Landuse Committee

  • Gail Anthony Co-Chair
  • Kathleen Laird
  • Ben Ziegler Co-Chair

  • Contact Landuse Committee by email.

City Representatives

  • Charlayne Thornton-Joe - City Councillor
  • Kimberley Stratford - Neighbourhood Liaison, City of Victoria
  • Patti Stockton - Victoria Police Liaison

Neighbourhood Maps


South Jubilee is a triangular-shaped neighbourhood in Victoria, BC, just south of the Royal Jubilee Hospital, bordered by Fort Street, Oak Bay Avenue and Foul Bay Road. The perimeter and the western corner are made up mostly of apartments, condominiums, and businesses, while the centre's tree-lined streets feature many homes from the early 1900s with a contingent of post-WW2 homes and more recent infill.

The South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association's mission is to improve and enhance the liveability, economic and social health of the neighbourhood. Over the past years the SJNA has created a strong foundation through many environmental and social projects with some special features including a Garry Oak meadow, kiosk bulletin boards, traffic calming, monthly plastic recycling and a regular newsletter.

SJNA map