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  • Traffic Calming: Amphion Street

  • 1905/1907 Fort and 1923/1929 Davie St

  • 1514-1520 Foul Bay Development Redesign

  • 1693 Fort Street Update


Development Updates + Events

1693-1699 Fort St. Public Hearing: April 13 @ 6:30PM

Visit this link for information on how to participate in the Public Hearing on April 13 at 6:30pm (Agenda/discussion timing TBD):  Public Hearings | Victoria



Pre-register to call-in or call during the meeting: To register to speak live and receive further instructions, email or phone 250.361.0571.

Attend in-person: Council Chambers, Victoria City Hall, 1 Centennial Square, Victoria, BC

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You can provide your submission by email to or by mail to Legislative Services, #1 Centennial Square, Victoria, BC V8W 1P6, or drop your submission off to the Ambassador in the City Hall Lobby (entrance off Pandora Avenue). 

Note: Written submissions will be published on the Council Meeting Agenda if they are received by 2 p.m. on the day of the Council meeting when the Public Hearing will take place. 

Agenda/discussion timing is TBD.

 Council & Committee Meetings | Victoria 



Details about a specific application and other relevant documents and information is available on the City’s online Development Tracker.


December 11, 2022: This month, the City will be installing a new traffic diverter on Leighton Road at Amphion Street. Leighton Road is a designated Greenway and this traffic calming diverter will help reduce traffic volumes and support neighbourhood road safety by restricting through traffic at the intersection. The design accommodates emergency vehicles including ambulances and fire trucks.


This project responds to concerns raised by residents regarding non-local traffic bypassing the intersection of Foul Bay Road and Oak Bay Avenue. This option was confirmed after technical analysis and consultation with residents and the neighbourhood association as it best addresses excess volumes of non-local traffic. Earlier this year, speed humps were installed on Lee Avenue and Bourchier Street to further support neighbourhood traffic calming.


Construction impacts are expected to be minimal as crews will be installing pre-fabricated concrete islands and relocating existing planters to form the physical barrier. Using more temporary materials for the diverter allows us to evaluate its impact on traffic volumes and patterns before investing in a more permanent solution. Installing a purpose-built diverter, or other traffic calming solution, is currently being explored as part of future road rehabilitation on Amphion Street in 2024.

Pedestrian, bicycle and local vehicle access will be maintained while work is underway. Always be prepared to follow the direction of crews around active work sites.

Feb 16,2022: For years, the City has received complaints about cut-through traffic in South Jubilee, particularly on Amphion Street as cars try to avoid the light at Oak Bay Ave/Foul Bay.

This will get much worse with the new Redfern Condo, which will add 100s of cars per day. As a result, the City has proposed a “diverter” at the intersection of Amphion/Leighton, and some speed bumps along Lee and Bouchier.

You can see the specific proposals at the meeting and provide feedback.

Meeting Time: Thursday February 24th 6:00 – 7:00PM.

Zoom Link:

1905/1907 Fort and 1923/1929 Davie St.

Nov 29, 2022: To view the Zoom video recording from the November 23rd meeting, please download the video file from this Dropbox link:

The Q&A transcript can be viewed and downloaded here.Fort and Davie Proposal


Oct 28, 2022: This project is now available for comment on the City of Victoria Development Tracker. Click here to go to the Development Tracker page to see plans and their Letter to Council. You can also submit a written comment from this page until December 1st, 2022. You can always email comments about this project to Mayor and Council

Oct 22,2022: This is a new proposal for a 6 storey , 80 unit condo development at the intersection of Davie St and Fort St. The current zoning for the included properties allows up to 6 storeys for the 1905/1907 Fort St properties. The two Davie Street properties are traditional residential and would require rezoning to be included in the project.

Project Details:

  • Developer: Three Shores (Vancouver)
  • Site: 1905/1907 Fort Street + 1923/1929 Davie
  • Replaces: 4 single family dwellings
  • Type: Mixed Use Residential and Commercial
  • Height: 6-storey, 19.35 metres
  • Residential Units: 80-unit – 12 studio – 22 1 Bdrm – 15 1 Bdrm + DEN – 17 2 Bdrm – 4 3 Bdrm
  • Affordability; ??
  • Commercial: 3 units on Davie St
  • Required Vehicle Parking: 88 stalls resident – 78 + visitor – 8 + commercial – 2.2
  • Proposed Vehicle Parking: 47 stalls – no allocation given
  • Bicycle parking: 120 long-term, 6 short-term outdoor stalls

The Zoom meeting is on Wednesday, Nov 23 at 7pm The Zoom link is
Passcode: 639579

This meeting is an opportunity to hear from the developer regarding the proposed plans and for us to provide feedback to the developer as residents of South Jubilee. Comments from this meeting will be shared with the City and the developer.

1514-1520 Foul Bay Development Redesign

April 27, 2022: This project is under review by the developer with potential for reverting to original design

Jan 21, 2022: Wayne Foster, developer of this project and community resident, has submitted a redesign to City of Victoria . This new design adheres to the Design Guidelines for new developments to align the townhouses to face the street. The number of townhouses has been reduced from eight to five units. Each unit has a ground level flex suite for a caregiver, accessible suite for aging parent, home office, or student wishing to have a separate space. There is a visitor parking space on site.

The architectural firm is a certified Passive designer and strives to focus on green initiatives. The team anticipates this will be one of the City’s first unique townhouse projects to include green features, such as rooftop solar, rooftop outdoor garden space, airtight design, and offsite prefabricated build to reduce construction waste.

The landscape firm has designed a water management process which includes an innovative paver system, water channels to feed gardens and native plants.

Wayne Foster will present the revised design at our Feb 1st neighbourhood meeting and looks forward to your comments. You can also email Wayne. or send comments to the Mayor and Council.

Project Details:
Developer: Wayne Foster
Location: 1514 – 1520 Foul Bay Road (just north of Oak Bay Bikes parking lot)
Replaces: 2 single family dwellings
Type: Strata Townhouses
Height: 3 storeys + rooftop access
# units: 5 2-bedroom townhouses each with self-contained flex suite
Bicycle parking: 6 visitor spaces
Vehicle parking: each unit has 1-car garage. 1 Visitor for complex

More information is available on the City of Victoria Development Tracker .

693 Fort Street Update

Dec 11, 2021:
The South Jubilee Land Use meeting for this project was held on Dec 8th.

Aryze has provided a link to the Zoom meeting recording. Actual meeting starts about 9 1/2 minutes into the video.

The City of Victoria’s Development Tracker will have the most recent plans filed for 1693 Fort St.

You can make comments about this project on the City of Victoria Engagement site until Dec 23, 2021.


November 15, 2021: The South Jubilee Community Land Use Committee has scheduled a meeting for 1693 Fort Street.

Zoom link is
If you want to dial in click here for full Zoom information.

Project Info: A new vision for this site will be provided by Aryze Developments.

Last year this site was presented as a student housing project. This new proposal for 1693 Fort Street is envisioned as 34 purpose-built affordable rental apartments situated above a ground floor CRU space and a programmed outdoor rooftop patio for residents to enjoy. Located at the corner of Belcher and Fort Street, where there are currently 4 rowhouses.

Project Details:
Developer: Aryze Developments.
Location: 1693 – 1699 Fort St (Belcher and Fort)
Replaces: 4 rowhouses
Type: Affordable rental
Height: 19.72 metres 6 storeys
# units: 6 studio + 13 one-bedroom + 15 two-bedroom = 34 total
Commercial: 1 main floor commercial unit – 77 m2
Bicycle parking: 63 long-term with 20% electric charging capacity, 6 short-term outdoor stalls
Vehicle parking: 9 stalls which show on plans as 1 for MODO, 1 short term Visitor/Loading and 7 Visitor
0 residential parking
Modo Membership: 1 per unit

Come to the meeting on Wednesday to view Aryze’s presentation. You will be able to ask any questions you may have and make comments. You can also make comments about this project on the City of Victoria Engagement site until Dec 23.

Learn more at Aryze’s site
The City of Victoria’s Development Tracker will have the most recent plans filed for 1693 Fort St