Join us via Zoom video or by phone. Please attend this meeting to hear about what’s coming up in South Jubilee and how you can get involved!

Online Zoom Meeting –

February 6,  2023 @ 7pm by Zoom

Meeting link:

Dial by your location: +1 780 666 0144

Meeting ID: 959 7882 4075

Passcode: 909839

Meeting Agenda

1. Welcome & Introductions (5 mins)
2. City Neighbourhood Liaison Update (10 mins)
3. City Council Liaison Update (20 mins)
4. Chair/Co-Chair Update (5 mins)
5. Treasurer Update (5 mins)
6. Neighbourhood Engagement Update (5 mins)
7. VCAN Meeting Update (5 mins)
8. Greening Committee Update (10 mins)
9. CALUC Update (10 mins)
10. Bank Street School Committee Update (5 mins)
11. ‘Around the Neighbourhood’ (15 mins)
12. Open Discussion (15 mins)


Get Involved – Join the SJNA Board!

We are looking for a few volunteers to join the team that manages our small neighbourhood association. Are you a person who loves building community, and making the area you live in a more vibrant part of the city?

We would love to have you join the board and/or one of our active committees for Community Land Use Committee, Greening Committee, Festival Committee, Bank Street School Committee, as well as new committees we hope to start up to take on new projects. You can either email the board in advance to express your interest ( or simply participate in the upcoming meeting. Our neighbourhood association gets stronger with your involvement!


Thank you!


-Team SJNA