Mural Project

The South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association has formed an arts committee, and the first initiative is the Community Mural Project. Our goal is to work with businesses, property owners and artists to create public art, while minimizing tagging and engaging the community.

What can a mural do for our community?

  • Makes a neighbourhood welcoming and walkable

  • Encourages genuine community participation and offers the opportunity for individuals to develop their skills

  • Is relevant to the community (e.g., can highlight the history and significance of a place)

  • Helps make a neighbourhood stronger and safer

The Importance of Public Art

Art in its many forms has the power to energize public spaces, make us think and transform where we work, live and play. Artworks in public places increase the liveability and artistic richness of our city by becoming a part of our environment and creating a legacy for future generations.

We have identified a number of locations in South Jubilee and the surrounding area which would be suitable for murals, which would add to the vibrancy of our community.

Experience shows that a mural in a well-considered location often brings a community together and improves spaces for people passing through neighbourhoods. A mural can create belonging and a sense of pride, reduce graffiti and tagging, and allow neighbourhoods to shape their community through beautification and shared project goals.


City of Victoria’s Artist Roster

The city has an “artist roster” program that provides building owners with a standardized process to choose a legitimate artist. This process was designed to provide building owners and community associations with confidence in the artists that paint their buildings, and to provide a framework for the process.

We would like to work with business and property owners to create something special in South Jubilee. There are some partial funding options available through the City of Victoria which we could apply for through partnerships.

South Jubilee has little public art, and we believe creating opportunities to enrich our community will make our small neighbourhood even more vibrant and special.

We are connecting with a number of businesses and property owners throughout the year. If you would like to be one of our first participants, please reach out using the contact information below.

If you would like to sponsor a community mural, please reach out!


Mural Project Art by Artist Caitlin McDonagh

Artist Caitlin McDonagh

Molly Sullivan
Mural Coordinator and Director
South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association

Instagram: @southjubilee
Facebook: @southjubileeneighbourhoodassociation