JBNA Engagement Coordinator

The James Bay Neighbourhood Association (JBNA) is looking for a part-time Engagement Coordinator. The remuneration for this position is $30.00 hourly. The JBNA is a dedicated volunteer-led, not-for-profit society that works for the benefit of the James Bay neighbourhood. Our aim is to effectively communicate the perspectives and concerns of our residents to the Mayor and Council. Details about the JBNA can be found at www.jbna.org/about/our-purpose 

The successful applicant will work to build relationships in our community and establish processes for engaging residents on an ongoing basis to ensure that the James Bay neighbourhood has opportunities to be heard on matters of importance as identified by the Board.

If you are interested in this position, please submit an application to jbna@jbna.org by 5:00 pm December 15, 2023. Please identify your previous relevant experience. Please provide an example of who you believe would benefit most from engagement with the JBNA. Please provide an example of how you would engage residents of the community who may not generally be aware of the JBNA. References required. Full details of the position can be found at www.jbna.org.


Posted on

November 12, 2023