December 11, 2022: This month, the City will be installing a new traffic diverter on Leighton Road at Amphion Street. Leighton Road is a designated Greenway and this traffic calming diverter will help reduce traffic volumes and support neighbourhood road safety by restricting through traffic at the intersection. The design accommodates emergency vehicles including ambulances and fire trucks.

This project responds to concerns raised by residents regarding non-local traffic bypassing the intersection of Foul Bay Road and Oak Bay Avenue. This option was confirmed after technical analysis and consultation with residents and the neighbourhood association as it best addresses excess volumes of non-local traffic. Earlier this year, speed humps were installed on Lee Avenue and Bourchier Street to further support neighbourhood traffic calming.

Construction impacts are expected to be minimal as crews will be installing pre-fabricated concrete islands and relocating existing planters to form the physical barrier. Using more temporary materials for the diverter allows us to evaluate its impact on traffic volumes and patterns before investing in a more permanent solution. Installing a purpose-built diverter, or other traffic calming solution, is currently being explored as part of future road rehabilitation on Amphion Street in 2024.

Pedestrian, bicycle and local vehicle access will be maintained while work is underway. Always be prepared to follow the direction of crews around active work sites.

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