Coolkit is the citizen based initiative to combat climate change, led by Dawn Moorhead, who also spearheaded the Victoria Coolkit initiative downtown. Earlier in the fall of 2023, a group of neighbours in South Jubilee got together to discuss and rate how each of our blocks, and our own homes, score on the climate change scale. Many ideas to improve our neighbourhood came out of these workshops.

As mentioned in our last newsletter, the first project our Greening Committee and Coolkit group decided on is applying for City of Victoria grants to distribute free trees to be planted in private gardens in South Jubilee. We will focus on drought resistant trees and food trees/fruit trees. Any South Jubilee resident can apply for a tree. Applicants must provide their names and address. Once SJNA receives the grant to purchase trees, applicants will be notified and we will proceed on a first come, first serve basis to distribute trees.

More details to be shared at the upcoming SJNA meeting on February 6th! Members of the Coolkit group and Greening Committee group are planning a series of lectures on sustainability in 2024, educating the
neighbourhood and surrounding community on available grants and other initiatives to reduce the carbon in our homes and increase energy efficiency. These lectures will be advertised on our website and social media, and in the SJNA newsletter. Keep an eye out for updates!

Email to sign up! First come, first serve.