Greetings all,

If the past few years and more specifically this summer have confirmed anything, it is the reality of climate change. Extreme weather events from wild fires to floods, from heat domes to wild wind storms are seemingly normal events now, events that world scientists have predicted for some time. While many of us have made changes to our lifestyles to lessen our personal impacts on the planet, there are other ways, often very simple ways you may have overlooked to further reduce the problem of our overheated planet. After reviewing a number of sources of “how we can help the planet”, I have produced a summary of suggestions we could all employ. Many are simple, others are more involved but virtually all receivers of this e-mail are in a position to respond to many of the suggestions that follow. I hope you will take a close look and see if there are additional changes you can make in your day to day life.  If you value these ideas, please pass them along to family and friends so they can make a difference too.

I have tried to keep the attachment short and concise (with no graphics) but have included a number of web links for your perusal. A couple of the web links are related to homeowner funding only in BC so for those living outside the province you may want to take a look into what your province or state offers.

Wishing you a smoke-free remaining summer,

Glenn Milbury