1905/1907 Fort and 1923/1929 Davie St.

Nov 29, 2022: To view the Zoom video recording from the November 23rd meeting, please download the video file from this Dropbox link:

The Q&A transcript can be viewed and downloaded here.

Oct 28, 2022: This project is now available for comment on the City of Victoria Development Tracker. Click here to go to the Development Tracker page to see plans and their Letter to Council. You can also submit a written comment from this page until December 1st, 2022. You can always email comments about this project to Mayor and Council

Oct 22, 2022: This is a new proposal for a 6 storey , 80 unit condo development at the intersection of Davie St and Fort St. The current zoning for the included properties allows up to 6 storeys for the 1905/1907 Fort St properties. The two Davie Street properties are traditional residential and would require rezoning to be included in the project.

What is being Proposed:

  • Developer: Three Shores (Vancouver)
  • Site: 1905/1907 Fort Street + 1923/1929 Davie
  • Replaces: 4 single family dwellings
  • Type: Mixed Use Residential and Commercial
  • Height: 6-storey, 19.35 metres
  • Residential Units: 80-unit – 12 studio – 22 1 Bdrm – 15 1 Bdrm + DEN – 17 2 Bdrm – 4 3 Bdrm
  • Affordability; ??
  • Commercial: 3 units on Davie St
  • Required Vehicle Parking: 88 stalls resident – 78 + visitor – 8 + commercial – 2.2
  • Proposed Vehicle Parking: 47 stalls – no allocation given
  • Bicycle parking: 120 long-term, 6 short-term outdoor stalls

The Zoom meeting is on Wednesday, Nov 23 at 7pm The Zoom link is

Passcode: 639579

This meeting is an opportunity to hear from the developer regarding the proposed plans and for us to provide feedback to the developer as residents of South Jubilee. Comments from this meeting will be shared with the City and the developer.

Do the Loop – September 18th – 26th

Last year, you helped us raise $28,217 and thanks to you we were able to expand to 51 units of safe housing in the Greater Victoria area!

This year, Threshold is raising funds to help fund our in-house counsellor. $25 provides youth with access to an in-house counselling session. This will help youth with their mental well-being and goals related to family re-connection, relational stress, school and career anxiety, grief and loss, isolation, complex trauma, and more.

Funds raised have a significant impact this year – every donation will be matched by the JAYMAC II Fund for up to $20,000.

So.. Grab your running shoes, jump on your bike, or assemble a team of friends, so you can #DoTheLoop.

Happening September 18th to 26th, this exciting virtual event is the first ever run/bike/relay to circle your favourite 25km loop in the Greater Victoria area. Participants are encouraged to fundraise donations of $25 for 25km – all event proceeds will go directly towards the Threshold Housing Society.

Do The Loop provides a variety of opportunities so all members of the community can participate. Participants can do the official 25km route, along the City of Victoria’s scenic border, the 25km safe cycling route (great for kids, families or new bikers), or any 25km route of their own creation anywhere in the city, country, or world!

This year, we have even added accessible and popular trails (2.5km to 10km) in each municipality – so you can explore your own local neighborhood trail.

Head over to Threshold Housing – Do the Loop to register or donate today!

P.S Do the Loop 2022 registration is live! To kick things off, the first 50 participants to register and follow the instructions on this Instagram post will be entered to win a $100 @FrontrunnersVic Gift Card!


Seedling Distribution Day – Saturday, August 6

Get Growing – Fall/Winter edition is happening soon, thanks to the City of Victoria.

Free fall + winter vegetable seedlings will be available for pickup. It’s happening a bit earlier this year to give your plants time to get established before winter.

There won’t be any soil or mulch available this time.

Date: Saturday, Aug 6th

Time: 11am – 1pm

Where: Bank Street School Parking Lot (Corner of Leighton and Bank)

Bring a container to carry your seedlings. Hope to see you there!

Growing tips for all the plants are available at Get Growing, Victoria. Here’s the list of the veggie seedlings we are giving away :

  • Broccoli – De Cicco
  • Pac Choi – Asian Delight
  • Swiss Chard – Bright Lights
  • Cauliflower- Amazing
  • Kolibri
  • Kale – Winterbor
  • Cabbage – Ruby Perfection
  • Lettuce – Grand Rapids TBR
  • Lettuce – Rouge d’Hiver
  • Parsley – Forest Green


1921-1935 Ashgrove Street

Amica Independent Living Proposal

Official Community Meeting

July 19 – 7pm Zoom

North Jubilee will be hosting a community meeting via zoom for an additional building proposal at the 1900 Richmond Amica site. Because this proposal is on the border between North and South Jubilee (Fort St) it is of interest to both neighbourhoods.

The Zoom meeting is on Tuesday, July 19th at 7pm.

What is being Proposed:

  • Site: 1921 – 1935 Ashgrove St (to the west of current building site)
  • Type: Amica Seniors’ Independent Living (in conjunction with 1900 Richmond Rd project)
  • Height: 6-storey, 23 metres
  • Units: 88-unit – 10 studio – 49 1 Bdrm – 18 1 Bdrm + DEN – 11 2 Bdrm
  • Affordability; ??
  • Parking: 63 stalls
  • Demolition of 4 existing home

This meeting is an opportunity to hear from the developer regarding the proposed plans and for us to provide feedback to the developer as residents of North and South Jubilee.

Current plans and a project summary can be found on the City’s Development Tracker

You can submit comments through this page until July 29th. They will be shared with the applicant, City Council and staff, and the NJ CALUC.

The Zoom meeting is on Tuesday, July 19th at 7pm.

Zoom link information is available on the home page of the North Jubilee Neighbourhood Association site.


Seedling Distribution Day – Saturday, June 4

Get Growing is back for another year, thanks to the City of Victoria.

Free vegetable seedlings will be available for pickup. There won’t be any soil or mulch available this time.

Here’s a list of the veggie seedlings we are giving away:

Staff from the Compost Education Centre will be there to answer any questions.

Date: Saturday, June 4

Time: 11am – 2pm

Where: Bank Street School Parking Lot (Corner of Leighton and Bank)

Bring a container to carry your seedlings. No registration required. Hope to see you there!


Traffic Diverter – Amphion Street Proposal MeetingĀ 

Feb 16, 2022: For years, the City has received complaints about cut-through traffic in South Jubilee, particularly on Amphion Street as cars try to avoid the light at Oak Bay Ave/Foul Bay.

This will get much worse with the new Redfern Condo, which will add 100s of cars per day. As a result, the City has proposed a “diverter” at the intersection of Amphion/Leighton, and some speed bumps along Lee and Bouchier.

You can see the specific proposals at the meeting and provide feedback.

Meeting Time: Thursday February 24th 6:00 – 7:00PM.

Zoom Link:


1514-1520 Foul Bay Development Redesign

April 27, 2022: – This project is under review by the developer with potential for reverting to original design

Jan 21, 2022: Wayne Foster, developer of this project and community resident, has submitted a redesign to City of Victoria . This new design adheres to the Design Guidelines for new developments to align the townhouses to face the street. The number of townhouses has been reduced from eight to five units. Each unit has a ground level flex suite for a caregiver, accessible suite for aging parent, home office, or student wishing to have a separate space. There is a visitor parking space on site.

The architectural firm is a certified Passive designer and strives to focus on green initiatives. The team anticipates this will be one of the City’s first unique townhouse projects to include green features, such as rooftop solar, rooftop outdoor garden space, airtight design, and offsite prefabricated build to reduce construction waste.

The landscape firm has designed a water management process which includes an innovative paver system, water channels to feed gardens and native plants.

Wayne Foster will present the revised design at our Feb 1st neighbourhood meeting and looks forward to your comments. You can also email Wayne. or send comments to the Mayor and Council.

Project Details:

Developer: Wayne Foster

Location: 1514 – 1520 Foul Bay Road (just north of Oak Bay Bikes parking lot)

Replaces: 2 single family dwellings

Type: Strata Townhouses

Height: 3 storeys + rooftop access

# units: 5 2-bedroom townhouses each with self-contained flex suite

Bicycle parking: 6 visitor spaces

Vehicle parking: each unit has 1-car garage. 1 Visitor for complex

More information is available on the City of Victoria Development Tracker .


1693 Fort Street Update

Dec 11, 2021: The SJ Land Use meeting for this project was held on Dec 8th.

Aryze has provided a link to the Zoom meeting recording. Actual meeting starts about 9 1/2 minutes into the video.

The City of Victoria’s Development Tracker will have the most recent plans filed for 1693 Fort St

You can make comments about this project on the City of Victoria Engagement site until Dec 23.


The South Jubilee Community Land Use Committee has scheduled a meeting for 1693 Fort Street.


Zoom link is

If you want to dial in click here for full Zoom information.

Project Info: A new vision for this site will be provided by Aryze Developments.

Last year this site was presented as a student housing project. This new proposal for 1693 Fort Street is envisioned as 34 purpose-built affordable rental apartments situated above a ground floor CRU space and a programmed outdoor rooftop patio for residents to enjoy. Located at the corner of Belcher and Fort Street, where there are currently 4 rowhouses.

Project Details:

Developer: Aryze Developments.

Location: 1693 – 1699 Fort St (Belcher and Fort)

Replaces: 4 rowhouses

Type: Affordable rental

Height: 19.72 metres 6 storeys

# units: 6 studio + 13 one-bedroom + 15 two-bedroom = 34 total

Commercial: 1 main floor commercial unit – 77 m2

Bicycle parking: 63 long-term with 20% electric charging capacity, 6 short-term outdoor stalls

Vehicle parking: 9 stalls which show on plans as 1 for MODO, 1 short term Visitor/Loading and 7 Visitor

0 residential parking

Modo Membership: 1 per unit

Come to the meeting on Wednesday to view Aryze’s presentation. You will be able to ask any questions you may have and make comments. You can also make comments about this project on the City of Victoria Engagement site until Dec 23.

Learn more at Aryze’s site

The City of Victoria’s Development Tracker will have the most recent plans filed for 1693 Fort St


Outdoor Patio application for Christie’s Pub

Christie’s Carriage House Pub (1739 Fort St) is applying to have a new outdoor patio. The applicant proposes a 20 person outdoor patio where licenced service hours align with interior hours(10 am – 11 pm Sunday to Thursday and 10 am to 12 am Friday and Saturday).

Details of the application and City of Victoria contacts are available here. You have until Dec 21, 2021 to register any comments with the City.


Committee of the Whole meeting

Scheduled for 1905 Lee Avenue on Nov 18th.

The City is considering a Rezoning application to subdivide this lot to create two small lots and to construct a new single-family dwelling. The existing house faces on Lee Avenue. The new house would face on Bouchier. The application is concurrent with a Development Permit with Variances application.

The City of Victoria Committee of the Whole meetings can be viewed from the City of Victoria site.

Please see Development Tracker for more information on the 1905 Lee proposal.

Proposed Merger of North and South Jubilee CALUCs

The following letter was sent to the Mayor and Council regarding the proposed merger of NJ and SJ CALUCs (Community Association Land Use Committee):

At a September 2021 meeting, city staff were directed to consult with the South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association, the North Jubilee Neighbourhood Association, and their respective CALUCs, to gauge interest in merging their CALUC functions.

Both Neighbourhood Associations have now had an opportunity to discuss this proposal. Upon reflection, both SJNA and NJNA would like to notify the Mayor and Council that neither Association supports a merger of their independent CALUCs.

At this time, both CALUCs would prefer to remain independent so they can focus more closely on the developments within their neighbourhood. Each community has unique land-use features that we believe are better addressed by their own local CALUCs Furthermore, both organizations are struggling with volunteer recruitment and feel that expanding the scope of each CALUC would create more work, not less.

We understand there are benefits to working more closely together on land-use issues, particularly around the development of the Local Area Plan and Fort-Street Corridor planning. As a result, we have committed to working more closely together on projects of shared interest, and sharing more information and resources where possible.

We respectfully request that the Council does not pursue a merger of SJNA and NJNA CALUC at this time.

With Regards,

Matt Dell (President) – in behalf of the South Jubilee Neighborhood Association Board and CALUC

Wilma Peters & Pat May (Co-chairs) – on behalf of the North Jubilee Neighbourhood Association board and CALUC

Future of Bank Street School

The South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association (SJNA) is tracking the 1911 Bank Street School project with great enthusiasm to ensure that the site meets the long-term needs of students and the community. Bank Street School was designed by Scottish Architect D.C. Frame, who also designed the Chinese Public School on Fisgard in 1909 and was an early apprentice of F.M. Rattenbury. Bank School is on the Heritage Registry, but is not a designated heritage building, so currently does not have any legal protection.

In August of 2020, SJNA learned that SD61 planned to demolish the Bank School and build a new addition on the north side of Sundance school (a 1960s-era building). Plans to demolish the school were initiated without any information on the costs to restore the school compared to costs and design of a new school. In response to an extensive SJNA resident-survey that showed strong interest to preserve the heritage building, the City of Victoria commissioned a $30,000 Class C survey and engineering report to explore the costs and feasibility of restoration. The Class C survey was delivered to Council in-camera in early 2021, and obtained by SJNA through Freedom of Information request in October, 2021.

The 183-page Class C survey is available here. The report states that the building is “in suitable condition for repair and conservation” and recommends it becomes a designated heritage building. The survey estimates a cost of $5.6-$5.7M to restore the school, including seismic upgrades to “life safety standard,” accessibility access (including an elevator), six classrooms, and universal washrooms. This is compared to a cost estimated at $5.8M for an “equivalent size new building.” SD61 previously got a Class-D survey (less detailed than a Class C), which estimated a restored building would cost $7.5M to restore the building. SJNA has not received any information on the cost or proposed design of a new addition to Sundance School.

Moving forward, SJNA will continue to ask SD61 and the City for more information on this important site. Significant questions remain, for example: what is the timeline for a heritage restoration project, especially if SD61 requires additional funding from other levels of government? Can a heritage building meet the educational needs of a school community (e.g. classroom needs, library space, accessibility requirements, staff requirements)? What is the most sustainable option in the long term? (Imbedded carbon would be lost in demolition waste that mostly goes to the landfill, but it’s possible a new build is efficient enough to make up for this loss.) How much extra funding is required to ensure a heritage building is net-zero? Lastly, this site has been identified as the potential home for a new South Jubilee community centre, or Neighbour Learning Centre. We are keen to understand how this will be funded and how these facilities (e.g. meeting rooms, community kitchen, childcare space) can fit onto the site.

Please follow SJNA on Facebook or Instagram, or visit our website, to stay updated on this important community project.


ParkFest 2021 – Sunday, Sept 26

Sept 25, 2021: The South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association is hosting Parkfest in Redfern Park on Sunday, September 26, 2021 from 11am – 4pm. We are so excited to be hosting this neighbourhood BBQ and music festival for the first time in two years.

Schedule of Events

  • 11:00 Ahhhhh Coffee! @discoverycoffee
  • 11:00 Kid’s Music
  • 11:00 Bouncy Castles OPEN
  • 11:30-3 Children’s Art @cityartworksvictoria
  • 12:00 Music (Winnie Richards)
  • 12:30 Music (Danielle Lebeau-Petersen)
  • 1:15 Music (Hi Kommand)
  • 1:45 Flamenco Presentation
  • 2:00 Free Frozen Treats @urbangroceryyj
  • 1-3:00 Dog Activities @apetslife @bosleysoakbay @barkpetboutique
  • 2:15 Music (Steph Macpherson)
  • 3:00 Music (West My Friend)
  • 4:00 Music (Matt Dell + Open Jam)
  • @dotheloop closing ceremonies

Bring your own picnic. There will be Free Hot Dogs, cooked by Little Piggy Catering and donated by Red Barn Markets, while supplies last

ALL DAY: Greening Table, kids games, Free Coffee/Tea and popcorn! We are inviting people who live, work or play in South Jubilee to community party. We will have a day of live music, art activities, children’s events (bouncy castle, games), a Red Barn BBQ, “Barkfest” for dogs, community greening events and more.

A huge thanks to the following sponsors:

Watch our social media pages and website for more information in the coming days.


“Do The Loop!” Fundraiser

South Jubilee is the community sponsor for an exciting fundraiser to support Threshold Housing Society, who operate two homes in our neighbourhood. “Do The Loop!” is the first ever run/bike/relay to circle the City of Victoria’s unique 25km border, all to raise funds for Threshold Housing and support at-risk youth in Victoria.

From September 18 to 26th, participants can do the loop for fun, or fundraise $25 for 25km for Threshold. Participants can do the official 25km route, along the City of Victoria’s scenic border, the 25k Capital Bike-sponsored safe cycling route (great for kids, families or new bikers), or any 25km route of their own creation anywhere in the city, country, or world!

For more information, to register, or to donate to South Jubilee registrants, visit


Get Growing – Fall Edition

August 24, 2021: – Get Growing Fall Edition is back. Get your fall/winter veggie seedlings and growing material on WEDNESDAY, SEPT 1st at BANK STREET SCHOOL parking lot – 4- 7 pm. Some native plant/pollinator kits will be available. No registration required

What’s Happening at Bank Street School?

July 27, 2021: The South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association has been talking with the City of Victoria and the Greater Victoria School Board about the future of the Bank Street School over the past year.

The arrival of fencing on the property has led to lots of questions about what’s happening. The latest letter from the Greater Victoria School Board outlines what we know so far and is available here.

The SJNA Board is meeting with the School Board in August to get further information on the future of the building.


Redfern Little Free Library

July 12, 2021: Update – I am being rebuilt!

This little public library in Redfern Park was vandalized in June.

Thanks to an incredible response and outpouring of support from the South Jubilee Neighborhood Association and community, funding of $1000.00 was raised online in only 4 days to rebuild it!

Now, the South Jubilee Neighborhood Association welcomes ideas from the community and builder for a new structure that is:

  • beautiful
  • weatherproof
  • accessible to everyone
  • built using locally sourced / sustainable materials and neighborhood craftspeople.

Ideas? Please visit:

July 5,2021: Redfern Park had a very special Little Free Library. It was crafted by Saanich artist Shawn Newby and donated to the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network for a fundraising auction. South Jubilee resident Denise Weber had the winning bid and then donated the book box to our neighbourhood. In April 2017, the box was in operation in Redfern Park. Its Muppet theme was a hit with everyone who walked through the park.

Over the last couple of years it has undergone a number of repairs for weather damage and vandalism.

It was vandalized again on or around June 23 and VicPD was notified. In response, South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association and local residents are doubling down on efforts to continue making this a vibrant, beautiful community filled with great placemaking efforts like the library.

The plan is to build a beautiful new, weatherproof free library that is easily accessible to everyone, using locally sourced materials and neighborhood craftspeople. Design ideas will be sought from the community.

Timeline: The fundraiser will start July 1st and go until the end of August. We plan to contact potential builders in July, and aim to have a new library in place for Fall 2021.

Budget: We plan to raise $1000 to contribute to a new library. If 100 of us pitch in $10.00 then we will have succeeded.

Please – take 5 minutes and donate online at our Go Fund Me page


Threshold Housing Meeting

Sept 12, 2021: Threshold Housing Society is hosting a virtual public session to present initial design concepts for Forrest House (1502 Davie Street).

When: Thursday, September 16

Time: Presentation at 7:00 p.m., participant feedback at 7:30 p.m.

To attend this event, please register here.


For more information on the Forrest House project, go to:



Redfern Commons Design

June 8, 2021: In November 2020 the Greening Committee made a slide presentation of ideas for Redfern Park.

They have now refined the design based on input they received from a survey conducted earlier this year. They had the design on display at the ‘Get Growing’ event held May 28th where the response was very positive.

We got to see this version at the June 1st neighbourhood meeting. You can have a look at it here.

If you have any comments on the design, please email the Greening Committee

Many thanks for all the work the Greening Committee, consisting of Erin Renwick, Kathleen Laird, Marc Craig and Marcus Lobb, has put into this project.


Get Growing Seedling pickup – May 28th

Our Get Growing Seedling Distribution day is Friday, May 28th from 3-7pm at Bank Street School parking lot area (Leighton Rd and Bank Street).

Please bring something to carry your seedlings home. We will have one yard of compost available.

  • We will have extra stations this year:an Education Table,
  • a display area for consultation/comments on the Redfern Park Commons Draft Design
  • and Get Growing Plus Kits (by registration only).

We still have a small number of pollinator/native plant Get Growing Plus Kits available. If you think this kit would help you get growing and you haven’t registered for one, or if you’ll need help transporting your items, please contact us before May 28th.

Covid Safety Precautions will be strictly followed. Please enter off Bank Street and exit via Leighton Road (see map above).


Free Mulch, Compost and Wood Chips!

April 12, 2021 – The City of Victoria is delivering Leaf mulch, compost and wood chips to the Bank Street School parking lot area (Leighton Rd and Bank Street) on Friday, April 16th. It should all be available after 3pm.

Bring buckets, bags or wheel barrows and a shovel. Remember to wear a mask and socially distance


Redfern Park Re-imagined

March 26, 2021: The Greening Committee is made up of a group of passionate South Jubilee residents with a breadth of knowledge in gardening, horticulture therapy, landscape design, educational urban garden programming, and school gardens. We have been awarded a $5000 Design Grant from the City of Victoria to continue to refine the design for Redfern Park that was started in 2020. We are seeking community ideas and feedback.

Please take a moment to look at the slides from the presentation we made at the November 2020 South Jubilee Neighbourhood meeting. Do you have ideas for the use of the greenspace around the children’s playground in Redfern Park?

If you would like to join us as a volunteer or have ideas to share, please email us .


Bike Lanes Approved for Jubilee

March 19, 2021: Protected bike lanes through our neighbourhood have now been approved by City Council.

Councillors met in the Committee of the Whole Thursday, March 18 and approved a staff report recommending a 1.3-kilometre “Fort Street East” route.

This will give us one-way protected bike lanes on each side of Fort Street from the Oak Bay Junction to Foul Bay Road. This will be much the same as it is today but with protected lanes rather than painted lines. Hopefully the area around the Save-on-Foods parking lot will be made safer for bikers.

For more information on other bike lane additions in yesterday’s meeting, read the Times Colonist article


Focus on South Jubilee Businesses

Nov 16, 2020: The South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association will be recognizing small business owners who work hard to make South Jubilee the best neighborhood in Greater Victoria.

We are interested in learning about business owners, their families, and the history of the business. This is the type of story which can can draw people to a business and will help put faces and names to our community partners.

Our local businesses represent a broad spectrum of ages, cultures and experiences, not to mention a wide variety of goods and services. All bring unique gifts to the community by sharing their time, energy and skills. We would love for residents of South Jubilee and Victoria/Oak Bay to know more about you.

Profiles will be posted on Instagram and Facebook with photos and a short write-up. If you would like to participate, please email us photos along with the answers to a short questionnaire. By submitting your photos and information, you are agreeing to have it posted on public social media pages, with timing chosen by the SJNA. There is are no costs associated with this community initiative, as it is volunteer-driven.

Email Molly to be featured!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to chat about this initiative.

Thank you!

Molly Sullivan

Director, South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association


Pre-Application(CALUC) Notification

1693 – 1699 Fort Street – Student Rental

January 19, 2021 Update: Q&A plus comments from the January 11th Zoom meeting are available here.

Jan 4, 2021 Update: The SJ Land Use Committee has organized an on-line ZOOM meeting with Aryze Developments. Carly Abrahams, Aryze Development Manager will make a presentation and answer any questions about the project.

ZOOM Meeting Information:

Date: Monday, Jan 11, 2021

Time: 7:00 PM

To get Zoom link information, please click here.

Dec 19, 2020: A 6 storey 23-unit student rental is proposed for 1693 – 1699 Fort Street. This Aryze proposal will consist of 12 4-bedroom pods, 4 3-bedroom pods and 7 2-bedroom pods. This building would be at the southwest corner of Fort and Belcher where there are presently 4 row houses.

The chart below shows the current site zoning and the requested changes. Those highlighted in yellow exceed the current zoning. The complete Community notice, which includes the chart below, is available here.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, development application plans that would normally be presented at a Community Association Land Use Committee (CALUC) Community Meeting are posted in the City of Victoria’s Development Tracker app.

You can view project plans from the developer plus voice your opinion on the project from this Development Tracker page .

You have until Jan 17, 2021 to provide your feedback at the Pre-Application stage.


Pre-Application(CALUC) Notification

1514- 1520 Foul Bay Road

Dec 18, 2020 A townhouse project is being proposed for 1514 – 1520 Foul Bay Road. This project would build 8 townhouses on the 2 city lots directly north of the parking lot for Oak Bay Bikes, Oak Bay Fine Flooring and Kharma Salon.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, development application plans that would normally be presented at a Community Association Land Use Committee (CALUC) Community Meeting are posted in the City of Victoria’s Development Tracker app.

You can view project plans and a letter from the developer plus voice your opinion on the project from this Development Tracker page .

South Jubilee Community Greening Committee

Nov 10,2020: The Greening Committee is made up of South Jubilee community members, with the help of Marcus Lobb from Can you Dig It, in partnership with the Public Health Association of BC (PHABC).

We are a group of passionate individuals with a breadth of knowledge in gardening, horticulture therapy, landscape design, educational urban garden programming, and school gardens.

This group came together in the summer of 2020 and began dreaming of what South Jubilee might look like with community gardens bringing community members together.

Please take a moment to look through our presentation, and then take our community garden survey to let us know what you think.

We look forward to hearing from you. You have until Jan 7, 2021 to provide your feedback at the Pre-Application stage.


December 10th Virtual Public Hearing

1908-1920 Oak Bay Avenue (Gardenworks Project)

Dec 5, 2020 This project has been in the works for several years now. It is going to Public Hearing, potentially the final step for its approval, on Thursday December 10th.

The proposed building will be approximately 4 storeys and 17.68m in height. It will contain 35 residential strata units plus ground floor commercial. This is the space currently occupied by Gardenworks. Design documents for the project are available on Development Tracker for this project

Virtual Hearing Information

The public hearing is part of the Thursday, December 10 meeting that starts at 6:30 pm. Currently the GardenWorks project is the 4th public hearing on the agenda. Click on item F.4 on the agenda for documents relevant to this project.

The meeting can be viewed on the City’s livestream webcast

You can express your support or opposition to the project by :

– Written comments emailed to or dropped off in the mail slot to the right of the Pandora entrance to City Hall.

Deadline: 2pm Thursday December 10th

– Pre-recorded video submissions of up to 5 minutes. They must include Public Hearing item, your complete name, address and whether you support or oppose the item. Send to publichearings@victoria.caor call 250-361-0571 for info.

Deadline: 2pm Tuesday December 8th.

– You may register to speak live via phone for up to 5 minutes. Register by email at or phone 250-361-0571.

Deadline: 2pm Wednesday December 9th.

– There is an opportunity to call and speak live at the end after the registered speakers.

More information on participating in a virtual public hearing is available on the City of Victoria website

All comments and presentations are recorded and are part of the public record. Your address will be recorded but not your email or phone number.

Neighbourhood Feedback from the CALUC meeting held in March, 2019 is available here


City buys Kasapi Park

Nov 18, 2020: Mayor Lisa Helps arrived at the corner of Bank Street and Leighton Road at 8am this morning. She was there to officially declare that the City of Victoria had purchased the small Garry Oak meadow at this corner.

For over 20 years this property, now officially named Agamemnon and Eleni Kasapi Park, has been on our neighbourhood’s radar as an important piece of land to conserve as parkland. We are overjoyed that the Kasapi family and the City came to an agreement to preserve this property

Huge thanks to the City of Victoria and to the Kasapi family for this gift to the neighbourhood.

Read more about this new park and the scholarship fund the Kasapi family has set up with the proceeds of the sale here and the UVIC press release which has some interesting history of the Kasapi family here.



Demolition of Bank Street School Survey Results

The questionnaire regarding the demolition of the Bank St. School is now closed.

If you’re interested in the results, click here for the tabulation of South Jubilee residents’ responses only and here for summary of all responses.

If you want to discuss this issue, attend our virtual meeting Nov 3rd at 7pm. Send an email to to get the Zoom meeting link.


1905 Lee Avenue – Revised Plans

Feb 10, 2020: This proposal is to subdivide and rezone 1905 Lee into two small lots. A second house, facing on Bourchier, is proposed for the second lot. The developer, Joseph Calenda of Molto Bene Enterprises, has submitted revised plans to the City planning department. They are available on the City’s Development Tracker.

If you have any comments on this proposal please email them to

Feedback from the Community LandUse Committee meeting held in June 2019 are available here. This report was submitted to the City.


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