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BC Transit is working on the Local Area Transit plan for Jubilee area. You can look at it here.


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Bike Skills Courses

The Bike To Work Society offers a variety of courses to help you and your family feel more confident riding on urban streets. Check out their website for courses.

Garden Works project

1908/1912/1916/1920 Oak Bay Avenue (Gardenworks Project)

CALUC Development Proposal Meeting

A 4 storey 35 unit strata Commercial/residential building is being proposed for 1908/1912/1916/1920 Oak Bay Avenue. This is the space currently occupied by Gardenworks, The FrameUp and Balam's plumbing. 

The team from Jawl Residential will be making this presentation. This is the official community association land use meeting that occurs prior to the developer applying to the City for a development permit.

Where: Woodward Room in Begbie Hall (2101 Richmond Rd on Royal Jubilee Hospital campus) 

When: 7:00pm Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Please come out and voice your opinion on this project. Comments from this meeting are forwarded by the South Jubilee CALUC(Community Association Land Use Committee) to the City planning department.

UPDATE March 22, 2019: Click here to read the CALUC report submitted to the City from this meeting.

1906/1912 Duchess Street

CALUC Development Proposal Meeting

Duchess Street project

A new 5 storey 32 unit rental residential building is being proposed for 1906 / 1912 Duchess Street. 

On behalf of Cary Hayashi (0887898 BC Ltd), Tony James of KPL James Architecture Inc. would like to invite you to a presentation of the design. This is the official community association land use meeting that occurs prior to the developer applying to the City for a development permit.

Where: Victoria College of Art (1625 Bank Street) 

When: 7:00pm Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Please come out to look at and comment on the proposal. This is the official community meeting prior to the developer submitting an application for a permit.

UPDATE: Click here to read the CALUC report submitted to the City from this meeting.

Amphion Street

Virtual Boulevards on Amphion

Oct 25rd, 2017 - Amphion Street between Leighton Rd and Oak Bay Avenue is a popular cut through for impatient drivers who want to miss the lights at Oak Bay Avenue and Foul Bay. This week the street got some virtual boulevards.

The City, in consultation with the residents of the street, has painted lines about 4 feet from the curb to simulate boulevards. Residents are now parking at these lines rather than the curb, substantially narrowing the street. Real boulevards and a pinch point toward Oak Bay Avenue will follow in 2020. Hopefully this will slow down cut-through traffic and maybe eliminate it completely.

Thanks to the City of Victoria for moving ahead on this long-standing problem.

1900 Richmond Rd

Development Proposal Meeting

1900 Richmond Rd

North Jubilee has received a request for a community meeting regarding a proposal at 1900 Richmond Road (corner of Fort and Richmond). The proposal is to demolish the existing Medical Centre and parking lot and to build a seniors' living home.

The applicant is Maison Senior Living - Milliken Developments.

Where:    Royal Jubilee Hospital
Building:  Patient Care Centre (corner of Bay and Richmond)
Room:      S150 - Learning Centre room 
When:      7:00pm Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018

All South Jubilee residents are invited to attend the meeting.

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Date: Tuesday June 4, 2019
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Date: Saturday, June 8, 2019
Hours: 10:00am - Noon
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